Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lists & Libraries.

Oh my. 3 months.

Well, no excuses. And I'm here to write about the combination of little things that have made for a wonderful Saturday.

I attribute most of them to one little thing in particular:
A list.

I am a list person. Are you?
I could do the same thing twice: Once after writing it on a list; Once without.
I think it's fairly obvious which one leads to greater happiness.

Here's a few quirky facts about the list I made:
- I broke "dishes" up into "Dishes Round 1" and "Dishes Round 2." I'm very particular. Very specific.
- I did in fact add 2 things after I did them.
- I tried to not write them in chronological order... but then I just had to. I'm anal.

Lists are a great conversation killer, apparently. Over supper, Ryan casually asked, "So, what did you get up to today?"
How easy is that?
"Here. You can read about it."
Besides a chuckle, conversation over.

While I did really enjoy my list today, I determined this morning that I would go a bit deeper.
The first item on today's list was "Devos". Which means a delightful time with my coffee, my Bible, a cherished notebook, and also a cherished 25 cent pen.

(At the risk of showing favoritism, my particular coffee mug and particular Bible can also be cherished).

Anyways, I'm going to search here for the balance between not over-spiritualized but not cheapened either:

It came across to me quite strongly that it's difficult to read about God's creative, intentional, rich-in-love purposes through Jesus without feeling convicted to encompass my one-page list with a deeper purpose.
So, today had one bigger purpose:
To notice God.
To hear Him, to see Him, to acknowledge Him.

It would feel irreverent to "cross it off" at the end of today - But I will say that that mindset did change the shape of my day. Not in the big ways, as we all know by now... but in the little interpretations of the day.

I can't even put my finger on everything that I noticed today. But I think it's in things like how I reflected, and like noticing that my thoughts could actually find some resolution instead of circling around my bumpy head. Renewed perspective, renewed gratitude. Peace ("You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind..." Isaiah).

And, I noticed that I got within like 2 feet of a bunny rabbit on my walk.
("walk to the library" was on the list; "find a rabbit" was not).


I want my life list to be meaningful.
And I will feel no hesitation about adding meaningful events after they happen.