Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yarn & Parsley.

It is wonderful to have time.
Time that isn't already spoken for.
Time that can flex as we go.

Yesterday, we did yoga for an hour and a half, and it didn't make us late for anything.

We watched 2 periods of a hockey game, and then left the cafe... (but really, how much did that have to do with having time, or was it sparing ourselves?)

I crocheted almost half of a blanket that I've been working on for... sheesh, I don't know. I bought the wool when I lived in Regina, so what does that tell you?

On a different note, I also spent some time while we were watching the hockey game looking up healthy recipes - which brings me to my next train of thoughts:

I really enjoy looking at healthy recipes. I sometimes even like shopping to make those recipes. And even less frequently, but still occasionally, I like making the recipes.
Really, though, just by browsing through them, I feel like a healthier person. I mean, I could be looking at the "how-to-make-a-cake-that-will-leave-your-dinner-guests-longing-for-more" page. But I'm not. I'm looking at oatmeal and dressing-less salad, and quinoa.

The problem I find is this:

I also really like some food that is not good for me.
I don't think what we eat is by any means all bad. In fact, I think I'm a pretty balanced eater/cook. But I definitely resort to comfort foods and cravings more frequently than I care to admit.

And sometimes that makes me feel guilty.

So, the only reasonable solution I can think of, really, is to stop looking at those healthy recipe pages.
All they make me do is wish that I had a garden combined with a green thumb.
And a kitchen full of herbs combined with a food processor.
And an organized grocery list combined with a lot of time.

Instead, I am choosing to be thankful. Thankful for tasty treats, for 4 food groups, and for the very occasional salad.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ferries & Toothpaste.

I used to live in paradise.

You know - a place where every day you wake up, and are amazed at the flowers, the sunshine, the beaches, the fact that you can't remember the last time it rained, and where the sky for some unexplainable reason seems closer.

Today, this week... I am in paradise again. Just a different one.

Ry and I arrived last night at a place where the moment we drove off the little ferry... we were "here." Here as in the place where we will certainly find rest. Certainly find relaxation. Certainly find the little things that we need to jump start us into the following season (volleyball camps).

We embrace these little things.

Things like the "Island Library" that is the only place to get internet... and is open 3 times per week.

Things like the fact that our bedroom has a king-size bed. And carpet. And windows on 3 sides.

Things like two sinks in the bathroom. I love love big bathrooms. If our when-we-buy-a-house-some-day bathroom is bigger than our w-w-b-a-h-s-d bedroom... I will be okay with that. Don't you think it's such a luxury to have space while you're... you know... brushing your teeth?

Things like a hottub that faces the ocean.

Things like a table where I can do a puzzle, and watch Road to Avonlea on my computer all at the same time.

Things like a basket full of slippers that belong to the owners. And things like that their whole family is very tall and must have big feet and therefore Ry and I can fit those slippers.

Things like beach decorations. We drove around the whole island last night, and most houses have that paradise-style decor: fishing nets, big glass balls, shells, starfish, sand, stones... gardens.

I am running off to something wonderfully unimportant... like crocheting a blanket, reading a novel, or eating yogurt.

Have a wonderful day.