Friday, November 25, 2011

Sunshine and Salad.

I'm about a quarter of a way into a 16-page paper. It's due later today.

So, naturally, what a great time to blog.
Every athlete knows it's good to warm-up before you work out or play in the big game, right? [Side note: my HKin professor says that's not necessarily true in current research. But I'm old-school. And invariably tight]. So, I offer you... my warm-up.

Many little things have adorned my journey lately. Not the least of which is the Christmas music playing about 7 feet away from my desk.
And the peel of a Christmas orange sitting beside me (throw it out.... check).
And the much-appreciated sunshine lighting up my world. Literally and metaphorically.

I had a birthday last week. My 30th.
And... it was fantastic, for all of the right little reasons.

Rather than just list them, I'll identify why each of these little things was so particularly meaningful.

1. Ry took me to the Olive Garden for lunch. I love the Olive Garden. But we don't like waiting for the inevitable 45-75 minutes you have to wait for supper. Word is apparently out: non-stop fresh salad is the most amazing meal you'll ever eat without feeling a drop of sick after.

2. My parents bought me a sewing machine! I love crafts. If it doesn't work out to be a teacher... I would like to be a professional craft-doer. Maybe both. Anyways, isn't there something kind of romantic about sewing your own things?

3. Ry planned a surprise for me. I love surprises, any shape, any size. He picked a date for us that was something he knew I would enjoy, even if it's not his cuppa tea (which it turns out maybe it could be?). We painted ceramics together for 2 hours!

4. My voicemail was full. I love bragging.... Just kidding. I have a teeny tiny mailbox. But it meant a lot to me that people tried to call. I also appreciate the FB messages. It's a nice little thing to know you crossed someone's mind for a period of time. People are often so thoughtful with words, I find.

5. When we got home from our painting adventure, the kitchen was clean, and the table was adorned with three of my favourite things: flowers, sour candy, and a craft magazine. I love my husband.

6. My sister-in-law sent me a package full of wonderful things. I love getting mail. Among the treats was one of the softest pyjama shirts I have ever slept in. Every night is a nice little thing right now.

7. We had a sweet party with a bunch of friends on the weekend. I love bunches of friends. We played a games tournament, concluding with some of the most hilarious skits and song compilations I have ever heard in my life. The humour, the kind words, and the chocolate-dipping with friends was icing on the cake of a wonderful intro to my 30's.

8. Last, but not least... although perhaps littlest. I was delighted to be pregnant on my 30th birthday. I love this. Subconsciously - and at times consciously - I have always hoped I'd be a mom before I hit 30. Well, I'll take it. I am deeply thankful that God has granted us this gift at this time. And that I'm past trimester #1.

So, wherever you are... crank up the little things.
Pull out the slippers... Put in an old movie... Mix up the sugar cookie dough... Life is grand.