Friday, February 24, 2012

Pockets & Shins.

I'm a little gloomy today. 
You can see why, right? 

I won't further explain why the sloppy, dull-grey, reminds-me-of-crying mess I see to my left is not positive energy-inducing. Because you get it. 

Instead, I will share some exciting news that I think may change my life. 
Well, my blogging life. 

Do you know what this is?

This is 2 people on a sunny day not very long ago who were privileged enough to have their phone contract expire... so that they could get iPhones at a very good price!

Which means this...

{that's a cloudless day for those of you who, like myself, have forgotten that those exist... even though it was yesterday}

And this...

{that's one of the areas where I walk... because I'm a walker now that I'm a front-end loader}

And this...

{that's a gate}

... are possible now because I have a camera I can carry in my pocket!

I'm hoping that this changes my life by helping me to keep my eyes open.
(Less bruised shins that way, for one).

I don't want to become a photographer.
(I already want to be a teacher, a mother, a crafter, a craft-school teacher, a writer, and a few other things I've thought of this week).

I don't want to become someone who's perpetually glued to their pocket-electronic.
(I won't. I'll probably forget how much I can do on there. So, still talk to me in person. Or send me a postcard).

What I do want is to be cool.
(So, now I am).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Checkmarks & College Funds

Kind of creepy, right?

I pulled this out of our mailbox a few nights ago. 
For a moment, it took my breath away. Am I ready? 
Then, who are you (whoever this was) to question my readiness?

I pulled the flyer open. Ooooh, I see. They know I'm not "ready" yet. Wanna know how? 
Because I haven't yet ordered my free diaper bag and some kind of can't-possibly-have-a-baby-without-these wipes or something. 


I thought it was a test or something - that I would have to carefully consider the question... then essentially check that intimidating box off. Or not, and then live with myself.

I don't know if I'm ready. To be honest, that's probably not a great question to ask. 

If you ask it in public, I will give you the expected "ooh, can we ever really be ready?!" Then we'll laugh together in that haha-so-true kind of way. 

If you ask me in private with a very serious face, I will probably say the same thing... only with a serious face too. Then we'll share a prolonged gaze and nod to each other in that depth-of-understanding kind of way.

But I'm proud today to announce that Ryan and I are ready in one of the ways! Here's the way:

First of all, you need to understand that Ry and I have chronic troubles making decisions. We always try to find the best option (well, Ry does most of the research to find all of the options, then I try to find the cheapest one). But sometimes the best option takes for-EH-ver to find. And eventually, as you know, you just pick something. And most of the time, it works out and you wish you wouldn't have taken so long to get there.
Like our wedding date, for example. We went back and forth for-EH-ver on if Saturday or Sunday was the better choice. Like, literally for months. Who cares, right?! I mean, just pick a date and let people know. 

Anyways, back to how we're ready in one way: 
We heard the fantastic idea a few months ago that sometime before you have your first child, you should try to do something memorable as a couple. Perhaps you've heard it called a baby-moon. Cute. 

So we've been considering a few options. The criteria: low-budget (can't spend the baby's college fund just so we can get away together). (Ha, gotcha. You think we're actually organized enough to have a college fund set up?!). Other criteria: ground travel. I'll be past that marker where you can no longer load your belly onto the plane. Too heavy or something, I guess?

Anyways, Ry found a sweet deal on Groupon for a hotel on the Oregon coast... So. We put our heads together... and booked it! Done. Check. We're going, and we know when! 

How liberating. Good for us. 

{Any of our family members on either side reading this are probably slow-clapping for us right now, I imagine}.

Let's head back to the beginning of this post for a moment: 
I suppose the other possibility - which would render the above unnecessary - is that the picture was supposed to be the baby saying "Deb, are you ready?" (yeah, no way am I letting our baby call me Deb) after I say, while laughing to myself because of what is about to happen, "Pull my finger!... {insert adolescent giggle here}". 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lanyards & Bingo.

There comes a time in every person's life when she realizes that she's not the only most amazing person in the world. 

Yesterday was not that day. 

But I did realize that I have another most amazing person in my world. 
I don't mean that I suddenly had this realization. Or that it's never crossed my mind before. I just mean that I was reminded. 

So, I'm doing my practicum in a Grade 5 classroom. My favourite {for real}.
I've noticed my mentor teacher wearing a Volleyball BC lanyard for her keys the last couple of times I've been with her class. So, since I'm, like, kind of connected to a guy who's, like, kind of connected to everything volleyball, I asked her about it. 

It's from her daughter, who plays high school and club volleyball. 

Oh, cool. My husband is connected to the volleyball world a "little." Volleyball Canada in the mornings, and... 

"Ooh, my daughter has friends in that program. And, she's going to Paraguay in March with a guy named Ryan and that Athletes in Action group he works with."

He's my husband. 

{sorry, I don't actually like all-caps, but that was what she sounded like}
"My daughter loves him!! He is so amazing, she is going to be blown away when I tell her Ryan's wife is in my classroom!!... I'm so texting her!" 

She couldn't stop talking about it all morning. 

Only one word to describe how I felt:
SO proud.

I married the most amazing person in the world. Even a 16-year old knows that. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Feet & Inches.

I parked on the sidewalk.

Yeah, I did that. In fact, I did that many times.
Here's how.
And here's why.
And here's why I won't be doing it any more.

The how is easy. When we pull up to our spot, I veer slightly to the right until I feel the 2 right wheels raise up a couple of inches. Not up to the yard on the other side of the sidewalk. But about a foot or so onto the sidewalk. (Please note that that leaves about 3 feet of available sidewalk, should anyone need to walk the 6 feet from the front of our car to the back).
So that's how.

As to why... You may remember me mentioning at some point a few months ago that our pretty blue car got side-swiped while parked in front of our house. (Well, it's the house we rent from. That's why we don't actually get to park on the big driveway attached to the house).
Due to that side-swiping that led to a totalling of the car that led to a whole bunch of money being applied towards the search and purchase of a new car.... I now choose to help our neighbours. How do I help them? Well, since I thought maybe the car-hitting-neighbour was potentially not the only neighbour to find our car in its way, I've been helping everyone out. You know... by putting two of our wheels part way onto the sidewalk.
No big deal, right?
I mean, I get that that's better for cars but worse for pedestrians. I get that. But I also get a thing or two about our society. I mean, let's be real: I see many many people driving around here. I see almost no one walking. Terrible, really. But it is what it is.
Anyways... that's the why.

As to why I won't be doing that any more... fifty dollars.
(That's like 30 Tim Hortons' or like 4 Starbucks', if that helps).
I thought for a while that for sure if the neighbourhood police (like the actual ones who have uniforms and get paid for it, not the ones who go for a walk every 2 months and then feel its their duty to call the real cops to rat out their neighbour who's parked on the sidewalk) heard my reasoning, they would care. And they would understand. And therefore they would, you know... cancel the ticket.
But they won't.
And besides, I've had an epiphany.
The letter of the law is where it's at.
That's one of the reasons why I won't be doing it any more.

But here's my other reason.
I want to be a teacher again some day.
And when you're running a classroom, you have rules. And sometimes students break them.
And when they break them... I don't want to have beholden myself to hear a whole story from every student every time they feel they have a great reason for why they should be allowed to break the rule.
There's just no time for these things.

So I paid the 50 bucks.
Because you know what else?

You're not supposed to park on the sidewalk.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gills and Qi.

I'm doing what I'm always doing when I've sat down to make a list of the homework I need to accomplish over the next 4 days.

A lot of other things.

For example, I'm drinking coffee.
Decaf, of course.
Selfishly, so I sleep tonight... and protectively, so our baby doesn't get gills. Or a headache. Or something like that.

I look sad. But I'm not.

A) I love that coffee mug. My mum bought it for me as a pre-wedding present. I use it every day - sometimes twice. And I'm trying to get over this perpetual fear I have... every time I see it on any table anywhere, I worry that it will fall off and smash to bits. Because I love it so much.

B) I just got to watch the girls basketball team that I coached for the last 2 years play in their Junior game. I love those girls. They hugged me. They giggled. They scored a lot of points today.

C) I am hearing occasional "blips" in the background that indicate someone has played a word. So it's my turn.

Which brings me to my next subject today. Words with Friends.
Ryan has been very concerned for me and the millions of people out there playing this game. He worries about its addictive properties.
Psssh. Ryan.
{be right back. just heard another blip}

The thing with Words is that it kind of makes you smarter... but mostly makes you un-smarter. (I wasn't allowed to call things stupider growing up, I don't think).
For example.
My conscious, linguistically-minded brain knows there's not a word out there spelled J-U-G-O-F.... or V-I-M-E-F... but you better believe I'm going to try to use those words. For like 37 points, I'm going to try.

So we try. And try.

And then after a while you get used to certain words. Like QI.
Ya, you heard me. If you ever play this game, you're like "Yeah, yeah, I just used that word this morning to score like a triple word!"

So now my goal is to use qi in conversation (my spell check has actually underlined qi in red... what does that tell you?...).
But I have no idea how. Is it a noun? An adjective? A verb??

"My, what a nice qi you have. Could I borrow it for the weekend?"

"Ooooh, you're looking very qi today. Was it something you ate?"

"Before I get up every morning, I qi. Then I put my feet over the side of the bed."

I better stop before I accidentally say something rude.