Friday, January 28, 2011

Buttons & Black Clouds.

I had a thought this morning.

I was thinking through different situations I am aware of with friends/colleagues/etc where there's just that one person who pushes their buttons in the wrong way.

We all have those people.

And if we don't right now, we have at some point, and we will again.

Anyways, in the context I'm thinking of, I've been considering what kind of advice I would give. These aren't like actually "harmful" annoyances, by the way. Bothersome, yes. Frustrating, yes. Unfair? Perhaps. Keep that description in mind so that the proposed idea is applied appropriately.

My idea is this. What if instead of the hours and hours we (particularly members of a particular gender) spend going over and over the things that drive us crazy about another person... We came up with a new phrase:

"Oh man, so quirky right now."

Got it? Quirky.
Not "what a terrible person."
Not "he/she is an idiot."
Not "they're purposely trying to hurt me."

They're quirky. Period.

I dunno, I kinda like it. When I think of someone as quirky, the annoyance becomes more of a trait than an all-encompassing black cloud surrounding my view of that person.

And let's be honest. We are all potentially that person for somebody else, or will be at some point. Do you want to be the black cloud?

Nah. Let's get quirky.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gerbers & All-Stars.

You know what, it's been a great week or so.
Yeah, it has.
And, as always... you know where I'm giving the credit. The little... yeah. Those things that change you and inspire you without knocking your socks off in the most obvious of ways.

Here's a few.

I no longer have 3 night classes a week. Great, right?! Yeah, it's great. So, for the first time in a long time I can be in a girls' Bible study! I felt really content getting to sit around a table with 9 other wonderful women (suggesting I'm also wonderful with how I phrased that), talking about the Word, and writing in one of my collection of most favored notebooks. Also, eating chocolate almonds. Mmm.

Then, the next day, I woke up. Yep, the little things...
Okay, actually I woke up to check my email... and discovered a snow day! 3 classes became Zero. I read a novel at 8 in the morning. We went for brunch with great friends. And then I beat them all in Settlers. Lovely.

Then, the next day, best ever.
Not because I got braces, which I did.
But because my husband dropped me off at the orthodontist... which was nice, but not the nicest part...
He dropped me off, then he bought me flowers!
He said he thought I should have flowers since I was having braces :). I adore these flowers. And all of you little-things-appreciators know why without me having to explain.

Then, the next day I took my Grade 8 basketball team to a 2-day tournament in Duncan. I better just list the little things that made the trip such a quality time...

- These girls know how to ask questions - they show genuine interest without even realizing that's what they're doing!

- Watching the most consecutive offensive rebounds in a row... without a single basket being scored :)... and nearly having a heart attack every time.

- My team cheers for each other so loud without me ever having told them to do it. Any other coaches out there know how unusual this is.

- Putting in one of my players and having her eyes light up as she says, "really, you want me?!" I'm sure we could all take a lesson from that.

- Awesome parent chaperones who kept me caffeined, laughing, and encouraged. And who, as a group of 3, cheered louder than any bus load of other parents in the gym. 

- Having one of our players who has never really played before suddenly get it and start hitting shots and making great plays and stealing the ball and hitting the floor and... This precious girl sometimes isolates herself from her peers, but it was something else to watch her blossom in this and to see the team just draw her in in their own way and love on her... and then to see her beam when she got an all-star award (which she didn't take off for the rest of the day) :). To be honest, what I loved almost more was how the 11 other girls exploded in cheers, without hesitation, when she got her award. To me, this makes my team beautiful.

May your week be full of conversations around a table;
Moments of unexpected rest;
Thoughtful surprises received or given;
And precious people in whatever form they come.