Monday, July 16, 2012

E-Pens & Faucets.

If there were little things to write about before… they now overwhelm me.
A literal flood.
Of emotions, awareness, thankfulness, neediness, desperation,… diapers.

8 weeks ago today, we welcomed little Huck.
{He has another first and middle name… but for the blog-world, he’s our Huck}.
And since then, the e-pen has been set to the side as I’m learn to navigate the ins and outs of this little guy.

{look at those mitts, eh?!} 

Anyways, 8 weeks later, still learning.
As expected.
As is par for the course we’re now on.

And 8 weeks later, I’m ready to pick up the e-pen and return to the place where I find some refreshment: writing.

My plan is not that these e-pages will now be filled only with mom-stuff. So please keep reading, regardless of your life-stage or gender. Huck’s name is bound to appear often; otherwise you’d wonder what I’m really doing all day. And all night, for that matter.
But these pages are also one of my treasure chests - a place for reflection on the quirky little things all around, as I started blogging to remember in the first place.

For today, one little thing I learned in the bathroom last week.

Our bathroom has become a place of refuge.
I don’t mean for Ryan or for me.
For Huck.

It’s the one room in our apartment with no windows. The one room with two sources of running water.
So, when the deep crying begins, we swaddle, and we head into the dark, 30 foot square (if that, including the tub) abyss to comfort the little guy.

I’ve discovered that while the bouncing, swaddling, water-running darkness sets a good stage for eventual sleep, little Huck needs one more thing to send him into a dreamy place:

I’m happy to oblige. We all sound better in the shower anyways, everyone knows that.

But here’s the little thing I’m learning:
Make sure you have a good array of mutually enriching songs available at a moment’s notice in your mental repertoire. Because when you’re desperate enough, you will sing whatever is nearest at hand.

The first day I discovered Huck liked the singing, I was a little too frazzled to pull out the meaningful Gospel songs I’ve retained over the years, or romantic soothing ballads, or childish lullabies.

Rather, I found myself with only three words: “To the left, to the left…”

Ah, Huck…
You’re Irreplaceable.