Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spools & Tools.

What dreams are made of...

I found this pinafore pattern online a few months ago. 
{Isn't "pinafore" one of those delightful words you could chew on all day?}

It's reversible, so the two images below are the same dress. 

Made for a brand new dark-haired beauty named Evelina Rose. 
{almost as delightful as Pinafore Rose}

It was so much fun the first time, I thought... why not try again?
I'm addicted. 
{What if we have a boy?...}

I'm not a one-craft kind of woman. 
So to keep things fresh I alternate between sewing, 
and knitting (but that's for another day), 
and paper crafts (again...), 

and this one: 
A combo of fabric, paint, mod podge, 
and happiness. 

 Credit for the initial inspiration goes to a large chunk of off-white wall. 

When we decided to pursue home-made Christmas gifts this year, 
I knew of a couple sisters with an affinity for craftiness. 
Yep, craftiness.

Here's the new-and-improved (self-acclaimed) versions I'm morphing into:

If you need me, I'll be at my sewing machine.
Happy as a clam.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dust & Blueberries.

So far, my favourite thing about this new semester has been the 2 hour break I have between classes on M, W, F.
Don't misunderstand me. I wasn't necessarily one of those kids who said my favourite part of school was recess. It's just that as an adult, these pockets of time where you can't be at home tidying up after yourself or walking back and forth to the kitchen to turn on the kettle... and turn it on again because you forgot about it... or grab a handful of blueberries from the fridge...
(mmm, there's no good way to finish that long sentence read-ably now).

So, let me just say that when you're not distracted by those things, you can tackle some of the other little things you've new-years-resolutized to do!

One of those things is to work out on campus. It's an interesting experience to hit the elliptical in a gym full of "young" people... when your belly is growing out in front of you.
It's funny the thoughts that run through your mind when you're running through the air - sweating, but going nowhere:
"I hope people realize that just because my belly is growing doesn't mean I haven't been to the gym."
"Hmm, should I stick it out so it's clear how distinctly baby it is?"
"Or, should I suck it in so maybe no one will even notice?"
"Oops, should not have sucked in. Now I have to pee. Again."

Anyways. Choosing not to use this particular hour to tread thin air in the presence of 20-year old taut-and-toned bodies.

Rather, I'm in my other favourite place on campus.

What better place to read the Good Book that surrounded by the smell of thousands of books.
I genuinely love that smell. The perfect mixture of nostalgia and dust.

The other reason it's my favourite:

Snowy day, wet day, fall day, sunny day (well, theoretically)... always a good view. 

Hard to believe the snow, really. Only 3 days ago, I took this picture:
That was in BC. I promise. No touch-ups to make that sky blue (like I'm computer literate enough to know how to do that anyways). Blue sky. 

Anyways. That's me. That's where I hang. Me and the books. 

I'd say come join me here sometime, but to be honest... I like my alone time. 
And. They don't let you talk there. 
So we'd just be awkwardly staring at each other. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bedsheets & Frosted Flakes.

Cleaning up from Christmas has been a gradual process for me. I'm finding this year that I'm allowing myself the pace I needed to reflect, respond, reenergize...

For example. When we stepped off of the plane and arrived back at our BC apartment on Dec. 29, I took down about half of our Christmas decorations - approximately 26 days earlier than usual for me. Approximately. And I don't know if any of you do this, but I find when I've had time to sit (i.e. on a plane for 2 hours) before I clean (i.e. remove a Christmas village from a beautiful shelf), I've pictured the process in my head over and over about 34 times.

So, when I actually do it in real life, it's very satisfying.

Another gradual response to Christmas ending has been spending time with people. We had a really meaningful, quality visit with family and friends in Regina for Christmas. Because of that, we came back refreshed in spirit. I can't say in body, because Ry was sore from all the outdoor hockey and a hard spill on the curling pebbles. And I had bad heartburn I think from 2 weeks of "sipping" eggnog, in which all the sips added up to a great big pool of liquid wonder.

Nevertheless. We were refreshed in spirit.

So. When our house was filled with people from all over the "world" (Paraguay, North Carolina, Toronto, Regina, Ottawa, Winnipeg... Langley), we loved it. Loved it. It was a continuation of a season of thankfulness for relationships that allow you to enjoy good conversation and hearty laughs (thank you Chelsa) over coffee, David's Tea, Frosted Flakes, and chili.

It makes me wish every day was full of rotating towels and sheets through the wash. Seriously. I like that kind of indication of a full season of life.

So, this morning, I took down the Christmas balls that were hanging in our window. I can look out at the mountains now. (Well, okay. The balls weren't like so big they were blocking a whole mountain range before. But kind of distracting).

I'll be moving on to another semester of school now... in which I am determined to try hard despite at times feeling even moreso like the old, pregnant lady I am. Thankfully, the pregnancy "glow" occasionally produces a few more skin blemishes (I hate to call them that ugly "z" word), so I might have a meaningful connection point with some of my young classmates. They'll enjoy that.

Stay tuned for a post in the near future... in which I will discuss some of my most favourite crafts of the season.

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the short post below :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miniature Bones.

Can there be any little thing more little-thing-ish than a fetal ultrasound?