Friday, November 19, 2010

Top Twelve of Twenty-Nine.

I had my 29th birthday this week.
In the midst of a busy season, there were so so many little things that made me feel special. 

I have to share.

So. Here's a few. In chronological order.

1) A flight to Regina to hang with the fam. Bigger than a little thing, but you understand.

2) Presents! A few of my favorite things. They were transported back to BC inside one of my favorite of the favorite things: A box of cards labeled "Correspondence Notes." Tell me that's not a beautiful thing.

3) Riders win in double overtime. Sheesh.

4) An email from far around the world in a place I can't really say. Thoughtful. Encouraging. :)

5) A party with Settlers, brownies, and 4 of my favorite people:

6) Thoughtful texts, facebook messages, phone calls and messages, and emails all day. I've heard people say it's less meaningful because of how easy it is on facebook. But I don't choose to think so. I think it's wonderful. Wonderful that everyone gets one day where people realize it's their special day. And then they take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to let you know they thought of you. Thanks for thinking of me.

7) Now, don't be offended if your facebook message wasn't as cool at this, because this particular person tops my lists of favorites in just way too many categories. Particularly favorite person to stare at pictures of.

8) Ry made me the most delicious supper from scratch. Heavenly.

9) Some of the sweet people in my evening class sang happy birthday to me. Nice touch.

10) A lllooonnnggg winded version of happy birthday left as a message on my phone from a group of life-filled women. 

11) Ry gave me a bag full of thoughtful little things he knows I love... and the best part was, there was a couple things I never would have guessed but that he hit right on the mark. For example, a craft magazine! Love it.

12) My verbal birthday card. Best ever. You know who you are.

Here's to the next 362 days...
Hoping to spend many of them with many of you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Best-Laid Plan.

Homework has been ruling my waking moments.

But something small happened today. And, if all goes according to plan (no pun intended, although you will not yet know what I mean by that), I will soon be so efficient at life that I may find myself with time to blog every day.

That is, if miracles only cost $12.99.
Could be.

During one of my unfortunately less interesting night classes, I have been terribly distracted by my classmate's most wonderful possession. She has a beautiful day planner. And I mean beautiful. Perfect in every way.

Every class she pulls out her beautiful day planner and amuses herself by reviewing her life schedule over and over again - crossing things out here, adding new appointments there. It's so mesmerizing.

I've been insanely jealous for weeks now.

So, today, I put an end to that.
"Ryan," I said. "I have been obsessing over something, and I realize now that I can't live without it. Please direct the car towards Chapters on the way home. Happiness waits for me there, for only $12.99."

Of course Ryan obliged - what man wouldn't indulge his wife's happiness for such a meager sum?

When we arrived (I was going to say at the pearly gates, but that's just sacreligious), I strode with no hesitation (well, except for the stockings and the children's books and the new releases that I only just briefly glanced at) to the place I've been dreaming of.

The day planner table.

I knew which one I wanted. I thoroughly checked about a dozen others, just in case I was mistaken. But I knew which one I wanted.

It's mine now.

And I am planning on being immensely happy.